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We're very excited about our new business venture!
A subsidiary of Graficus Design Group, Keepsake Montage was established in 2004 for the purpose of remembering and celebrating loved ones' lives and achievements. Simply stated, a Keepsake Montage is a treasure today...and a gift to future generations.

So what is a Keepsake Montage you ask?
A Keepsake Montage is the perfect way to carry on your loved one's memory and commemorate the trophy events in his/her life. It's the gift that provides a bond of love for families and friends and a sense of belonging throughout the generations.

Your favorite photos of a family member, friend or loved one are combined with imagery depicting the individual's interests and hobbies. The result is a beautiful memorial or commemorative montage that tells the story of the individual's life and pays tribute to their memory or achievement. Click on the links to view sample montages:Sample Wedding Montage, Sample Panoramic Montage, Sample Memorial Montage, Sample Commemorative Montage.

Let us turn your favorite pictures into a work of art you will treasure now and forever!
Choose a Memorial Montage to remember a departed loved one, or a Commemorative Montage to celebrate an Anniversary, Birthday, Special Achievement/Award, Wedding, or other "trophy" event.

To place your order, view more samples or simply learn more about this beautiful new way to memorialize or commemorate your loved one, visit

Capture the essence of your loved ones.